Spray DryerSpray Dryer: All material used at ACCI is spray dried prior to production. The spray drying process generates a free flowing powder. This aids the materials ability to fill the tiny cavities necessary to compact a fully dense part.




Multi-Cavity ToolingMulti-Cavity Tooling: We have the ability to produce tooling with multiple cavities. We have pressed parts with as many as 30 cavities.




Loading SaggersLoading Saggers: All of our product is fired in high temperature kilns. Because the temperature necessary to reach full density is so high, everything placed in the kilns must be able to withstand the same temperatures.




Kiln FiringKiln Firing: All of our product is fired to high temperature to achieve a fully dense part. We typically fire to an approximate temperature of 1620° C to produce a fully dense part having zero porosity.